Great Salmon and Halibut fishing in Masset, Haida Gwaii BC


Join us for an exciting and fun, fully guided fishing adventure  for big Chinook salmon, Coho salmon, Halibut and more near Masset, Haida Gwaii.

   Whether you’re a novice or an expert, we’ve got the expertise you need to take on the incredible Pacific Ocean. Enjoy our comfortable and safe 24′ boat with professional guide and licensed skipper Darren Pearson. He’s a hard working guide that will take you to the very best fishing holes and share his years of  fishing skills and local knowledge to make your day a success.

 Wildfish Sportfishing Charters is proud to say we’re 100% family friendly!  Come to Masset,  Queen Charlotte Islands/Haida Gwaii, British Columbia Canada and experience the thrill and adventure this amazing place has to offer!

To schedule with one of the top Salmon and Halibut guides in Masset, call toll free 1-888-994-7009 or email us today!

How’s the fishing here?

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The 2017 fishing season has been really good for us and 2018 is predicted to be even better!

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  We pursue the many runs of open ocean pacific salmon arriving at Haida Gwaii on their coastal migration to the thousands of spawning rivers and creeks all along the BC coast, Alaska, Washington, Oregon and California. These fish are prime ocean fresh and instinctively feeding hard to prepare for their “natal homing” journey, at this point they are as big and strong as they will ever be! That’s why we have such a fantastic fishery here in Masset, especially from the months of May to September. The fishing here can be unbelievable! Chinook (King)  salmon up to 50 lbs or more can be caught all season long and 20+ lbs are common. Coho(Silver) salmon are plentiful and feeding hard, they just get bigger and bigger through the summer.

   Halibut are also abundant, especially in the regulations allowable size limits… so getting “keepers” happens often for us. Some of the most productive shallow and deep sea Halibut fishing on the north coast is right here, and we know how to catch them!


   Wildfish Charters invites you to join us at the beautiful and wild Pacific waters of North Graham Island, Haida Gwaii, formerly known as the Queen Charlotte Islands. This 30 mile coast from Masset to Langara island is where some of the most famous fishing lodges in BC are located, and for a good reason…the fishing here is world class! Sport fishing for big Chinook Salmon, Coho Salmon and Halibut has made this area world famous.

     So many fishing enthusiasts like you dream of finding that ultimate fishing spot…and you’re willing to travel to the ends of the earth to find it! Masset, Haida Gwaii is one of those places, it’s remote and the fishing grounds are very remote! But once you make it here, its only a short boat ride and you’re fishing in a wild, uncrowded spot for fish that have never seen a hook! With 5 species of Pacific Salmon, numerous kinds of bottom fish and dungeness crab, Wildfish sportfishing charters is sure to provide excitement!

  Come and experience the beauty, adventure, excitement and fun that this amazing place has to offer!

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Wildfish Sportfishing Charters operates out of the Masset marina in beautiful Haida Gwaii, British Columbia, gateway to some of the finest saltwater sport fishing in the world. We offer day or multi-day fishing charters targeting salmon (especially big Chinooks), halibut and bottom fish. Our fast boat will have you to the best fishing spots within 20-30 minutes, so you’ll be having a long day full of exciting fishing…not a day of long boring boat rides! When we arrive at those great fishing spots, don’t expect it to be crowded either…it never is, usually the only other boats around are from the nearby lodges and a few other local charters. That’s right, we fish the very same spots and area as the famous lodges like “QCL Queen Charlotte Lodge”, “Peregrine Lodge”, “Naden Lodge” and “Escott Sportfishing”. So if your planning that fishing trip of a lifetime or just want to get a day or two of great fishing in while your here on your island vacation, call Wildfish Charters. We’ll provide you with a great boat, excellent gear and put you in the best spots with Pro guide Darren Pearson!

For such a remote place, it’s so easy to get here! With a BC Ferry crossing from Prince Rupert, you can drive to Masset…we’re at mile “0” of Hwy 16, or guests can catch one of the daily nonstop flights from Vancouver via Pacific Coastal Airlines. We can pick you up at the airport and be fishing that same day! If your already up north, catch one of Inland air’s daily scheduled seaplane flights from Prince Rupert and in 45 mins you can step off the dock in Masset harbour, right onto our boat! There are plenty of good amenities right here in Masset village, like accommodations, restaurants, groceries and liquor store. So why not plan your own trip to Haida Gwaii this year, you might be surprised how affordable it is to go fishing in the best place on earth!
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